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Esta es la linea de la guitarra principal.  It, or minor variations of it, repeats throughout the song.

     Am            Dm            G
E |-------0-------------1---------------3-----------------------|
B |---------1---------3---3---------------3---------------------|
G |-----2-----2-----2-------2---------0-----0-------0-----0-----|
D |---2---------0-0-----------------0-------------0-----0-------|
A |-0-------------------------0---2-----------0-3-----2-----3-2-|
E |-----------------------------3-------------------------------|

El coro es básicamente:

F  G  Am

And, according to Guitar for the Practicing Musician, the loud distorted chords in the middle of the song are:

C5  G/B  A5  G5  F5  G5  A5


 N.C.    Am       Dm            G              G/B (C) ----------0------------1----------------3------------------------------- -----------1----------3-3----------------3------------------------------ --------2----2------2-----2-----------0----0------------0-------0------- ------2---------0-0-----------------0-----------------0-------0--------- ----0-------------------------0---2-------------0---3-------2-----3-2-0- -3------------------------------3---------------------------------------    |____________________________________________________________________|         Riff principal

Solamente el intro
Fin del Intro (after riff is played twice (through Dm only)

D---------------------------------2------- """"""'Scratch that above'"""""""""""""" Fin del Intro (after riff is played twice (through Dm only) --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------0----------------------------------------------------------- -------0------------2------------------------------------------------ -----2--------------0------------------------------------------------ ---3-------2--3--4---------------------------------------------------


Riff tocado en cuatro tiempos


F   F          G   G         Am
    Don't you  cry       tonight

I still love you baby

F   F          G   G      Am
    Don't you  cry     tonight

F   F          G   G      C
    Don't you cry      tonight

             C       C
There's a heaven   above you baby

F    F           G   G        Am
  And Don't you cry       tonight

Riff del fin del primer verso


Loud part in middle of song:

C   G   A   G   F   G   A   AAAAA

Solo (not posted)
Verso 3
( Verso 2 follows riff at end of Verso one)

Song ends on :

------0---------- ------1---------- ------0---------- ------0/2-------- ------3---------- ------0----------

Chord Dictionary

C X32010 Am 002210 Ab5 466XXX F 133211 C5 X355XX Bb5 X133XX G 320033 G5 355XXX Dm XX0231 F5 133XXX Em 022000 Eb5 X688XX