CUTE NORMAL EXTREME Regresa al indice de Partituras


Tune down 1/2 step/Moderate rock(Bpm = 88)

1st Verse

D          Csus2                  G            D(sus2)
    Em       D             Cadd9
I got to tell you what I'm feeling in - side.___   I could lie to
myself, but its true.

D          Csus2                  G            D(sus2)
       Em              D              Cadd9
There's no de - ny - in' when I look in your-eyes.--  Girl, I'm out
of my head over you.

Pre Chorus

Am7              G/B                    C             D
  G/B                              C                    D
An' I lived so long be - lieving' all love is blind.--  But
everything about you is telling me this time

             G     D    Em        C                               Am
            D                 G    D  G      Am7
Its for - ev - er  This time I know and there's no doubt in my mind.
For - ev - er.  Until my life is

          G/B         C                            D   C
through, girl I'll be loving you for - ev - er.

2nd Verse
                                                Cadd9   D
I hear the echo of a promise I made.  When you're strong you can
stand on your own.  But those

                  Csus2            G             D(sus2)
Em       D        Cadd9
words grow distant as I look at your face. No, I don't wanna go it

Pre Chorus
Am7             G/B                     C                 D
Am7                 G/B      C                     D
An' I never thought I'd lay my heart on the line.  But everything
about you is telling me this time

Repeat chorus then solo
(Dsus2 Cadd9 G D Em D Cadd9)Chords during solo.

Repeat Pre Chorus three times.
Repeat Chorus then fade.

Ending chords are

Cadd9  Csus/Cadd9 repeat until totally faded.